Strange, not rubbish

Rain shot

Strange weather is not rubbish weather. More or less.

Over in the Colonial baseland (aka the UK), the term “rubbish weather” means it’s rainy or otherwise unpleasant out.

Today, the weather’s been several versions of strange. Maybe not just rainy, but…? Anyway, not quite rubbish. (If I understand the modifier correctly.)

First, I noticed when I was out in the sticky humid at 7am, I felt a breeze. Very strange. Not unexpected many places, but unusual here to have a breeze….

Spikey brown eyed susan

Through the afternoon, mostly quiet (ish), but these waves of rain kept visiting…. Even now! (This photo is from the maybe 4pm wave…. Can you see the slanty rain?)

Just wanna say, the flowers persevere….

Gonna miss Jon. Figure no matter where the wind blows, The Election will hinge on The Swing Vote, and I don’t see that going for The Donald. We shall see….

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