Verrrrry special

Big but not THE big spring

Found mention of this sizable spring down a Not-Too-Long path, and decided to route ourselves by the trailhead.

After parking, we tested the temps. Hot. Humid. But, we said, if we go slowly….

Not far from the lot, we discovered that this was the Poison Trail. We found vigorous growth of PI and PO—I saw both—framing our route, which was not brushed out widely, and which meant we risked being brushed. Wisely, despite the H&H, we both wore long pants, which offered some protection.

The trail, despite repeated assertions otherwise, went not quite to the spring, instead ending at the river below the spring, from which the spring-mouth could not be seen. I made the final scramble very carefully, as the mossy rocks were Very Slippery.

The sunshine caught the green-blue water as it surged forth from the Underworld, and I swear even the cicadas quieted.

I found a flat rock just a centimeter higher than the water level and washed my pressure points and brought down my core body temp a bit. Witnessed by a little unpruned crop of watercress.

Time to walk out, uphill mostly, past the slippery rocks and PI/PO beds.

Big Mo dusk

We found another great dusk sky, which even my iPhone could capture.

For the second evening running, I thought the dark, dark blue above looked like a velvet skyway.

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  1. Pooh says:

    “She wore blue velvet, bluer than blue were..”
    (her eyes, the skies, I’ve forgotten which)