Waves crashing

Down on the beach this afternoon, I watched the waves rolling in, not crashing, unless your perspective was right down on the beach. After all, no white caps.

Love the wee ridges the waves leave on the sand when they recede. I figure it’s related to differential surface tension along the edges of the liquid.

And there, not far down the beach, a crab claw, all blue-tinted. Poor crab. Sacrificing an “arm” to art…let’s hope….

Bee body lure

And, lording it over all the beach-wave (capillary) action, this bee-lure body part (?), no doubt washed up by similar waves, and collected last week by a sharp-eyed cousin/cousin-husband.

Ah, these are the things that catch my eye when our exit is hours away.

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    Summer’s end and by now you are probably well below the bridge. So little time. Need to start incorporating the dreaded “R” into my vocabulary.