Soooo retro

Ferry waterview

Yesterday was The Bridge. Today: a ferry—the shortest ferry ride I’ve ever seen…not that my ferry-riding experience is vast. Still. This one’s about four minutes, and the crossing is about a hundred yards. It’s the Valley View Ferry, crossing the Kentucky River south of Lexington. The first ferry was here before 1800. We were the only riders on our run, and the ferry was docked on “our” side, so we simply drove right on for regal service. Last time we did this run, the ferry was decorated with pots of geraniums; I didn’t see them this time….

Stayincar ferry

On some ferries, you are required to leave the vehicle deck and stay away (see our recent Scotland ferries). On this one, riders were requested to stay in vehicles. I don’t know what they ask of pedestrians and bicyclists.

This ferry has these stylistic paddlewheel decorations, and a rotating fake paddle wheel. Retro.

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