AF1PP, retired

AirForce1 potty pano

Air Force One Presidential Potty, retired. The plane has three other potties, one up front for pilots and I’m guessing staff, and two in the tail (modified two-holer? each has its own door…) right next to each other. I know you’re glad to know this.

AirForce1 exterior

Here’s proof that it is indeed Air Force One, retired. And that the sun wanly appeared, briefly. And, yes, I know that it has an N-number and is only Air Force One when the Pres is aboard. Still, us civilians say and type inaccuracies like this.

Flying car

Other attractions include a flying car. Red, of course. One wing is dismantled, and the V to the rear is (part of?) the upper tail structure.

Moon lander

For a Museum of Flight, there was a lot of non-flying going on. The only active flying was out the window of a control-tower mockup, and a screen there showing active airborne aircraft (clumsy phrasing; you get my drift). Again, not a flying vehicle, in contrast to the many formerly flying vehicles. And mockups.

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  1. Pooh says:

    We really enjoyed the Museum of Flight.