Studying fishing boats

Descending Chittenden

For a short while, as this afternoon, I can be spellbound by deep-ocean vessels…while my feet are on solid ground. Two fishing vessels preparing to descend in a single lock of the Ballard Locks, the busiest locks in the USofA. They’re part of the Lake Washington Ship Canal.

Line on bollard

Seaman watching to maintain proper tension on the hawser. (Or is it a line? Clearly, I’m not nautical.)

Nets fisherman

Here are the multicolored nets and floats and lines/hawsers on the leading boat. The two vessels seemed like sisters, but the deck of the other one was almost empty of nets. The windows and size of the deck and pilot house seemed identical, but the working area was set up differently, or appeared to be.

Regarding the title: sample of two.

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    You’re not in Georgia! Welcome back to the NW! How long is the stay?