Fun multiple ways

Hum bao trio

We returned to the favorite Chinese restaurant, and had the homemade noodles we’d had before, but all the other dishes were different. Plus, mid-day on weekends, they have additional offerings that are more…labor-intensive? Anyway, these were something like BBQ steamed buns, or hum bao (my guess on spelling; I know bao is the steamed bun part).

Green lake ice skim

Then, we walked about a third of the way around Green Lake to stretch our legs and get our big luncheon to settle into our toes (or something). And back. Parts had a skim of ice, even after mid-day and in the sunshine….

After that, we whiled away the afternoon at the new Star Wars movie. Lots of wars. Or several battles in one war. Plot twists. H_Ford family-talking with now-General Leia. Too many annihilations for me….

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