Noise of several types

Log creek

I walked along the path near the creek, and tried to hear it burble. I could easily hear a huge flock/murder of crows down by the creek mouth, both in the water and in the overhanging trees, just cawing away (“this is MY branch; get your own” over and over, I imagine). Up the valley, I could hear a bag-piper; was it music from “Outlander,” I wondered. I had to adjust my path to get close enough to the creek to hear the water-noise. Finally, yes! Then, my phone rang.

I wasn’t even sure I had service down in this valley. Turned out the oldest kid was out of school—closed because of a bomb threat. Sigh. Okay; readjust afternoon plans. We can do that.

Ice cream cake underway

Youngest nephew is having buddies over for spaghetti, with ice cream cake dessert. Oreo cookie crumb crust, with three flavors of ice cream. All good! I figure a half-dozen boys and a big dose of sugar constitutes another noise source….

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