Overcast, and still beauteous

Row bath

If you have sharp eyes, you can look through the muddle and see a small flock* of crows taking off from the creek where I was too slow to catch a shot of them bathing. I saw what seemed to me to be lots of crows during my mid-day outing. They were all busy, not standing, strutting, or contemplating the universe (loosely speaking), as the ones I saw yesterday were. Most seemed to be after food morsels today. The activity of this bunch was easy to identify—they were sluicing themselves in the creek.

White winter berry

As I tromped around upstream, “behind” the tracks in the first shot, I saw several bushes with these elegant and striking berries. Snowberries, I think.

Pick yer ride

Later on, I was back in the hood and away from the sound/sea/salty smell. This garage is displaying the occupant’s ride choices. If s/he opts for four wheels, s/he can go new or old. What a gleaming, bug-eyed vehicle!

* Yeah, I know the technical term is murder. Seems…strong…and negative….

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