Not an everyday word

Old fashioned daffodil

I’m presenting an old-fashioned daffodil to go with my new word, Witzelsucht. It means pathological joking or addiction to wisecracking—not just punning, but compulsive joking including in socially inappropriate situations. It happens after a specific kind of brain damage. Discussion generated by BBC (BTW, the fancy word for a pun is paronomasia. FYI.)


  1. jcb says:

    My Weltschmerz keeps my Witzelsucht in check.

  2. Kelley-o says:

    Sammy, dear friend of mine. Loved this particular post and response! Maybe someday soon we’ll chat again… Also, I love your visual musings about spring. Guess it’s on its way in VT, too, so quickly that a neighboring town declared “no mud season” by declining to ‘post’ the roads for heavy vehicles — the municipal powers-that-be must have caught the fever.