Leafing briefing

Treetops leafing out

Spring is marching along, and the canopies of our neighborhood trees are well into their greening phase.

Evening light VaHi

Over in the business district, the replacements for the Bradford pears are meh, super-meh. I sure miss the pears, which would have given us almost two weeks of white petal-cloud and be shifting to leaves by now.

Flossy azaleas

Meanwhile, the showy azaleas in our front garden are beginning to pop.

Confession: our last two binge-watchings: House of Cards and Broadchurch, season two. Not sure what’s next….

One comment

  1. kayak woman says:

    We’ve done Twin Peaks, Fargo, and are into Shameless (Brit version) now. And (of course) Downton Abbey.

    P.S. What is a Nashville taco (Instagram)?