On Salisbury Plain and points north

Stonehenge at a distance

One thing I hoped we could do on this trip was walk out from Stonehenge, and today I got my wish. It was kinda sunny and pretty darned windy. The ground was damp and no more—not squishy at all. That horizontal grey scar “before” Stonehenge is a employee service center that was under construction last year. Most people who just walk to the stones will not notice it; however, from here: pretty obvious.

Proposed Stonehenge walk

We walked a loop that took us to the Cursus barrow group, then down the Cursus, along the Avenue (very indistinct), into the King barrow group, then back, with a chance to look from the Avenue into Stonehenge (to see that alignment). We walked with the sheep. (And didn’t do that jog to the east in the “yellow” field—shown was the plan, not what we actually did.)

Gnarly trees king barrows

Along the old road next to the King barrows, we admired these gnarly trees. We’ve been admiring gnarly trees this trip, beginning in the grounds around Windsor Castle.

Highbridge miniature

Then we visited the land of the miniatures, aka a model train show.

Miniature cattle zebra

And the Guru found a “silly” tucked in this field of dairy cattle.

Kittens about

Serendipity can lead to amusing moments like this…we followed a back road that my “nose” thought…unlikely, but GooMaps indicated we could drive through…nope, only foot traffic could cross the river…look what we did find!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I love the gnarly trees — your pic & the ones around here which are so visible at this time of year.