With love for light

Seney refuge full summer

A storm came in from approx 12:15P to 1:15P, a mere hour, but what can be wrought in an hour.

Canada goose family snwr

We dodged reality (possibly, maybe), and headed to the wildlife refuge (vroom vroom) to see the post-storm critters. And found this Canada geese family on the fishing loop (do not ask if you do not understand—apologies if this sounds harsh).

Lily from above

And a near-poifect water lily. Maybe one word. I have intermittent connectivity to the wider internet-world, so give me a break.

Orchard after storm

And after our return to orchard/farm heaven, the sun returned, and…geeze, it gets complicated. So, the wind/rain changed the orchard, and vertical has a new meaning.

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