Production results

Black raspberries

MaNachur is ripening the black raspberries—not the same as blackberries. My favorite. Thank you, the Botanist. And next to these canes are some newly planted foxgloves, rescued from this side of the road, resuscitated on the other side of the road by a far better gardener than I, and now returned to this side of the road. I think they may have originally been planted by my great-grandmother (or under an arrangement she made).

Workbench alit

Day 2 of the two-day project: the workbench is assembled and all parts are functional (note the nifty built-in light!), and the drawers now hold some tools. The (back) porch is pretty darned clean and we are taaarrrred.

At this late hour, we have had a line of lightning-thunderstorms come through and now its all drippy out, although another cell may tease us before midnight.

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