Designer grass

It was the Botanist’s position that when plants were bred to have variegated leaves, well, this was “frustrating the plant.” By reducing the chlorophyll (and not the leaf area or plant size).

Hosta bicolor leaves

No doubt I have already mentioned this. You get a redux because the other thing I was thinking about was retirement strategies and RMD*s.

* RMD = required minimum distribution. Applies to IRAs. You probably DO NOT want to know.


  1. Sammy's Second Cousin says:

    Actually I have been thinking a good deal lately about RMDs since I am all too rapidly approaching the age of 70.5 (I still have another two years). Even though, I have been retired for the last eleven years, I have still not had to draw on tax-sheltered investments, but that changes in 2018.

    So, if it’s something you want to discuss, I’m ready.

  2. kayak woman says:

    You are right. Do not want to know 🙂