I could write a short story?

Swamp river view

We drove across the swamp on a gravel road that’s atop a corduroy road. Saw only a few bits of corduroy, as the wood is now well-covered and pressed into the swamp-murk. The road was lined and sometimes crossed by plenty of puddles from yesterday’s rain.

Later, westbound on the north edge of the swamp, we encountered a dirty white pickup towing a garden rake, much narrower than the bumper it followed and probably from a large multi-purpose mower-machine. I think they were scuffing the road surface to come back and look for deer/bear tracks. Of course, I suspect the immediate goal was primarily to drink beer.

I was glad to see that in spite of all the rain, the Tahquamenon was running clear. Means runoff is controlled upstream. A minor victory in the world of logging, clearing, and climate change.

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