Harvest season notes

Plum tomatoes on vine

The tomato plants we put in during our last visit are productive! The Guru picked a plum variety, and these gems went in our evening’s tomato sauce. Yum!

Good thing we put the plants in the hardware mesh “squirrel cage” we brought up that I had made several years back. Seems the deer are happy to eat tomato shoots (and probably fruits), as evidenced by the nibbled parts that protruded outside the metal mesh. Who knew? Not me.

Mushroom trio

Also, this is mushroom season. We spotted tiny puffballs in the grass; I’ve seen them as large as volleyballs…but they have to escape feet and mowers first.

Grounded dock section

While this afternoon was sunny and pleasant, a wind kicked up in the afternoon. We found one dock section, both deck and support, bobbing on the beach. They were pretty waterlogged, so have been there for a while. I don’t know if we’d have realized they were gone if they weren’t adjacent to the dock as the water seems high and the deck seems complete without them.

Anyway, they are now rescued and standing on land drying out.

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  1. Cousin M says:

    Thanks for rescuing…yep the water seems way up!