SO Ohio

Motor Inn eat

These photos are SO Ohio. As in both “very” and “Some Of.”

Evils garage

Perfect location for a Halloween horror house? Unused.

Cotton candy

We found several semi-tractors pulling other carnival rides and food vending trailers in a small town. Oklahoma plates. Unexpected.

Wind vanes n tractor

We saw lots of agriculture in action. For much of the summer, the action is slow, at the speed of plant growth. Today, we saw machines in fields, trucks towing equipment on the roads, and here and there joining the driver, a child standing in the large high cabs watching, watching.

It’s harvest and manure-spreading season. We saw gleaners with very wide maws that consumed soybean plants with regard to rows, and maize harvesters fronted by evil points to keep the rows separate and feed them into the core of the contraption. Different harvest engineering strategies. At one point, we drove by two miles of freshly manured fields, very odiferous.

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