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Four more years CU

I remembered this editorial from “The State News,” the student newspaper of Michigan State University, after Nixon was reelected. It was a full page of black, with these three words in the center. The Guru helped me find (a digital copy of) it; indeed…the editorial page from 9 Nov 1972.

This captures my mood. [Apologies to those near and dear to me who don’t agree with these sentiments.]

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I was going to post this photo and mention change…the smell of smoke here at our house that now comes and goes (from wildfires to the north in GA and NC); the autumnal introduction of the feather duvet in recognition of the (finally) arrival of cold weather; the adjustment to the “fall back”…you get the idea. But, with the above editorial…, I’ll just bow out….

In the interests of moderating myself, I’ll restrain my impulses and just say, MPence_scares_me.

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  1. Anne Regenstreif says:

    Thanks for the Throw Back Thursday! I remember that editorial.