Survivor time

Paperweight glass

I learned a new concept today: quietism. I got it from my personal demigod Paul Krugman. Without the label (and the overtones and philosophical thrust given in the WikiPee definition), I have been practicing (a version of) it. News-radio/TV silence. Contemplative time spent with fiction.

Also, gentle hamstring stretches. The latter are part of my program to not go through the knee thing again. I won’t know how things are going to shake down until maybe January, when the cortisone shot is due to wear off. In the meantime, I’m stretching parts of my legs, and strengthening others. I am guided by my lovely, talented neighbor, trained in the Feldenkrais method, massage, and traditional physical therapy, and with years of experience.

Meanwhile, we’re getting caught up on “Survivor” (the TV series—a reality show that can be conceived of as a version of fiction).

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