Meal stories

Red utility trucks

We were driving along and feeling the beginnings of “time to figure out a lunch spot,” and did online research, and made a pick. The way the roads were, we drove past the place (right over there, on the opposite frontage road), then had to loop back to the…place (combo grocery and café—sounds strange, I know; it was only a little odd). Of course we eyeballed the place—especially looking to see if it had many customers—almost always a good sign. As we drove past, the vehicles were numerous and 75% were red trucks like these two. Turned out a utility crew was relocating, and had stopped for lunch. And their order, by something like 40 line-dudes (or whatever their job descriptions were—I didn’t see any lady utility-workers), was in front of ours. Which was really, The Guru’s steak, as I had the all-you-can-eat sah-lahd. Anyway, the waiter/cashier took pity on us for the long wait he could not fix, and charged us $6 for everything. All because of the red trucks. (Well, the people they carried.)

Supper club pillar

That was mid-day. For our late-day meal, again we searched the area likely to have a real restaurant (not a chain place) at the right hunger-point. Came up with an old-fashioned supper club kind of place. Just look at the decorative detail in the main dining room! …Famous for their fried chicken (good, very crunchy) and for their gravy. The gravy was as rich as dessert. Cream? Certainly. And butter. Salt, too; not shy about any of those…. Yum.

I realize I haven’t mentioned b’fast. It was not special, and had no memorable qualities. The pre-scrambled eggs were hot, there were biscuits, oatmeal, and sausage patties. Coffee: choice of decaf, gourmet, or bold. See—nothing special.

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