Motel view

View out motel window, well after dawn. Ruh-roh. We did online chores and let the snow taper off before heading out.

Sharing valley w RR

When we got out of town and on the open road, we even found sunshine melting the bits on the road, even though the temps remained below freezing. Good sign: trains are still getting through.

Snow over next pass

Hmm. In the next valley, snow on the next ridge, but only wet road here. Great LTE, so quick check of DOT website on road conditions…bits of red ahead on the pass, but no closings. Crossed most of the valley, and whoops, orange cones across the road, and all traffic must exit. We crowd into a handy truckstop along with many other travelers, and get a bit to eat and listen to the chatter. Word is that they’re clearing highway-type flotsam/jetsam off the road. We have hope that we’ll get through before the temps begin to drop.

Road closed x2

I finish my meal and head to the restroom. Sign over cash register says it all. Traffic cams show lines of semis on the highway along our route over the pass. We figure they’re trying to get the accumulated vehicles out and don’t want more arriving. We will not get through tonight.

Fortunately, this town seems prepared for just this situation, and there are several mom-and-pop motels. We are in one, very handy next to the Burger Something drive though. Walls are thin and the TV is not a flat panel, but heat, electricity, and wifi are working fine. We are recharging and hopeful. Movie time?

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