Two headlines

Pass in sun snow

Today could easily have two (obvious) headlines.

One degree

The first would indicate that the powers that be reopened the interstate (actually, last night), and we drove through in glorious sunshine and fine road conditions. (Whew!) Despite the bone-chilling temp.

Columbia barge MtHood

Finally, we descended to the level of and met up with the Columbia, which is a major and navigable river even this far inland—thanks to a dam/lock system and terrific water flow. The tug is burning some diesel to push those barges upstream against considerable current. Note Mt Hood poking above the cloud layers in the far left (“above” the power plant).

Columbia RR bridge

Traffic crossing the river between Washington and Oregon is also substantial. Note another tug-and-barges just upstream from the railroad bridge also plowing against the current. Note that the snow is persisting at elevation on the tree-free round-crested peaks. Still, it’s MUCH warmer at river level as we continue westward.

A new car

Here’s the second headline: A new car!

Old new vehicle

Edited out of this photo is how filthy old-Prius was from crossing the pass. The sand they put down was fine (so it stuck) and very dark—dramatically ugly on a white car. Soooo. Well, that’s not really the reason…but we nabbed a Prius Prime on our way down the Columbia. It’s metallic grey outside and black that looks almost very dark grey inside. Its EPA estimate is quite high because it is not only gas-battery like the old one, but it also has a 25mi range in plug-in electric miles. This means it can be electric for doing around-town errands, but it’s still suitable for driving long distances…like from sea to sea (or similar).

We are so pumped.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Wait… y’all bought a new car while on a roadtrip?