Beverages and more

Pink coffee

In this luxe (for us) boutique hotel, the coffee is made by the cup—from the grinding forward—in a bath of pink light. The perfect consumer must be tech-oriented and younger than we are…no?

Streetcar trolley

We headed out in the cold wind, with complementary trolley tickets from our hotel to get us out of the weather as we moved via electricity toward downtown.

EFA spine

Our goal was to wander the many aisles of Powell’s Bookstore. The rooms are color-coded. We spent considerable time in Purple, Red, and Pearl. I can’t remember the color of the room where I found this title. I don’t know why I photoed this. Something to ponder, I guess.

Peppermint tea

We took the street-car the long loop to return (using same tix), and even crossed the Willamette twice. I chose this for my first afternoon drink. Hands-down, the best mint tea I’ve ever had. I couldn’t say that I perceived that I was smelling a fine Oregon mint farm as I smelled the tea.

Beer tasting

Our hotel has a complementary cocktail hour. Yesterday it was wine, a choice between two whites. Today, it was Ten Barrel products. I had Honey Bear Rye Barley Wine (I think that was it). Never heard of this or similar. Tasty. So, that was my second afternoon beverage.

Moroccan rest

As we were on the trolley returning toward our hotel the precip shifted from little flakes to huge flakes, and we knew we were in for it (as predicted by the weather-oologists). We ate a half block away (both icy and slushy underfoot) at a Moroccan restaurant—a cultural learning experience and very tasty. We chose lamb and fish entrees. I’m still full. The dessert, baklava of course, came with a different mint tea that neither of us fancied—I think because it had a touch of rose water in it.

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