Learning curve, more

Snow car

The ice was over wet-snow, and once loosened, came off easily. Thankfully.

Bridge etc cropped

So, we headed out to familiarize ourselves further with this technological wonder. We speculated that ice on an exterior sensor was triggering the parking-assist, which kept beeping at us. Then, we discovered user error as some button over on the driver door somehow got poked; after disengaging, great!, no more beeping. The learning curve….

Deer OR

Under the bridge (right in Portland) above we discovered four deer browsing. Otherwise the area was sparsely used, so good place for wildlife….

Portland street scene

The traffic and perhaps some de-icing meant the downtown streets were quite passable.

Charging port reveal

We tried electric charging in two different parking garages. The first time was a breeze. The second time we goofed somehow. The charging station accepted the plug-in, but somehow we didn’t trigger the flow of electricity. More study needed….

Caribou kitchen

The Guru found us a lovely French restaurant for a celebratory late lunch (yum). We took the caribou rack over the door to the kitchen as a good omen. [Long story.]


  1. kayak woman says:

    I betcha I know that story 😉

  2. Sammy says:

    Yes, you do! And you are there for the current chapter—that’s now the most enduring part of the tale‼️