A wander ending at a seat of government

Street art

We rolled away from our hipster hotel on wet roads in light rain, headed for the ocean and points north.

Cloud on West HIlls

As we climbed the West Hills, we found the clouds, and more moisture, still with temps well above freezing.

Coast range snow

All the info we had suggested that the higher elevations of the coast range would still be above freezing. Fortunately, the predictions held, although we could see plenty of snow on the trees and along the road.

Rainbow coast

We stopped for a nosh in sunshine, and the mixed weather yielded a rainbow!

Columbia bridge

As we continued north, we crossed the mighty Columbia. Two sections have arched bridges, and the colors are slightly different shades of green. I have no idea why…

Tidal flat mud

The next section of road crossed and skirted many rivers and creeks headed for the ocean. The tide was out and we saw many waterfowl and a few herons. And mud.

Olympia Wash capitol

I cannot explain why, but I wanted to see Washington’s capitol. Rain had returned, but we risked melting to roll down the window and take a couple of shots. Almost no traffic on this Saturday evening. We saw a few bits of snow along the curbs, indicating that the weather has been colder. We are happy it has tempered; we are happier to tolerate rain than ice.

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