Out, about

Laser accuracy

Sometimes accuracy requires setting up in the middle of the street. We also went by two reflectors, each with a quartet of orange cones, and no human attendants. Does spitting rain make it safer to hunker down mid-intersection?

Power cowboy

This cowboy is a new friend. He tips his hat when the transaction is complete. This was a quick stop to return a spoiled bottle of wine (it smelled like mold when we opened it and the cork was not quite right), so the charging period was only about seven minutes.

Oysters both shells

Our next errand was at a super grocery store. I let myself get momentarily mesmerized by the oysters (and their barnacle friends). Cropped this way, if you squint (perhaps), it will look like the shell may be the size of a person-eating clam!


  1. Pooh says:

    See the 500 Lb. Man-Killer Clam at Sea Shell City! Next exit!!!

  2. Sammy says: