Milestones (no rocks)


We crested 1K miles in the new buggy today. We find the handling tight and super-fine—a pleasure to drive long miles. Speaking of which, that 61.2mi next to the 1K figure indicates the miles per gallon of gas for the car’s “life.” This figure includes a mileage boost from plug-in electricity and also regenerative braking energy. At the end of today the figure was 60.0. And today we began with no “stash” of plug-in energy…we just ran like the old Prius, using gasoline and energy from downhills and braking that the vehicle stashed in the battery. We think the new car gets around 10mpg better than the old one in the SAME conditions. Pretty sweet!

Redwoods 199

We found redwoods! We also drove through clouds and past a few lingering bits of snow earlier in the day. We are now basking in mist, sometimes wind, and salt air during a pretty dark night. Best, all!

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