Paperwork adventure

Curved railings

Curved railings in the county “government center”…. Our institutional visit was a half-bust. We are to get another temporary tag from Oregon tomorrow (thank you overnight delivery!), which is appropriate since the OR person goofed. But it means we have to go back (and stand in line) when the corrected paperwork is returned to ATL (what they sent has to be returned to OR, fixed, then sent back to ATL). I call it a half-bust because we’ll be able to drive The New Car again…and that’s an improvement on it being benched in the driveway with an expired tag.

New stadium

On our way back to the house, we drove by the new foots-ball stadium, or the getting-finished stadium. Its formal name is M-B for a German car company. I really question taxpayer subsidies on this scale for private businesses.

Amelies red chandelier

Okay, enough of more severe designs; here’s a lovely red chandelier in a bakery/coffee shop that we visited while we were out. I enjoyed their baguettes (trying to decide where the best ones are made in ATL), but wonder if there isn’t a teensy-tad of added sugar…. The tables, chairs, and sit-space is lovely and a terrific space—wish it were closer to home.

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