Spectrum of botanicals

Red gourd art

We were smart to get to the BotGarden earlier in the day before the heat eased toward Blast Furnace (I exaggerate, only low 80s). We found squads of people changing the theme from orchids to assorted outdoor modern art installations. I like these red gourds in a drainage ditch in the woods. A woman arranging them artistically said they’d be giving them away in November when the holiday decorations will be installed. Seems to me they might look good in holiday decorations, too!

Goddess dreads

From the high bridge we looked down on the Goddess, like we were checking her for dandruff. The plants haven’t yet filled in, and with the matrix peeking out, the bands of color resemble dreads. How did I never realize that before?

Bullfrog peeking

Over in the pool around the feet of the Frog Baby statue, we found one set of eyes-and-nose. Hi, Bullfroggy!

Rosette of leaves

And, in the conservatory, many lovely blooms, of course, and for you, a rosette of leaves, hairy-edged leaves.

We did not get to the unicorn…next time….

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