Blue breeze card dies

We got good use out of this blue breeze card (ATL public transportation), but they are being replaced, so this one got filed permanently. Bye-bye!

Delta Virgin

Seems to me that if someone with no English had a device make a translation, this word-combo might seem…strange, and not in a particularly good way.

Logo d plane

Airborne, Virgin Atlantic used a logo-loaded detailed icon for the flight display—far classier than Delta. However, the plane looked pretty wacky when I zoomed in as we were landing—it took over the screen. Scale can be the story.

Premium economy cocktail hour

My cocktail hour…. BTW, the Penn State pretzels were made in London.

Airport check in kiosk exposed

Ever wondered what the guts of an airport check-in kiosk looks like? This one prints baggage tags on the right, barcode laden….

Ship in river liffey

We passed several sea-going cargo vessels docked at the River Liffey quay as we rode the bus downtown, then encountered this sweetheart with an on-board function room (can a rumpus room be far away?). The next vessel was a replica three-masted sailing ship that’s a famine museum. Elsewhere the skyline is gridded with construction cranes—can these all be active projects? Along the quay, we saw maybe six buildings shoulder-to-shoulder under construction. Wow, is Dublin busy creating infrastructure!

Tree view

We can watch these sycamore relatives leaf out from our room over the next few days….

I wondered if our “blue-dot navigation” might have a different hue here on the Emerald Isle. Nope, still blue.


  1. Anne Regenstreif says:

    Have fun! We always look forward to your travel blog entries!

  2. Dave L says:

    That virgin’s name wasn’t Dawn by any chance?

  3. Sammy says:

    Thanks, AR. Gee, DL, hmmm; actually we didn’t meet…