Drama needing rewrite

Gap clouds

After all the excitement yesterday, we were s-l-o-w getting moving today, plus we had a “Real Breakfast”™️, and all that reality Takes Time. So.

Clouds sat in the valley, and, with rain, well, everything was a different (weather) reality.

We managed to accomplish our data hand-off (a gen-u-wine parking-lot delivery moment), and begin our mosey (Oliver Springs; Dayton!!). And we passed on (most of) the Interstate-miles. Not bragging, just passing along info.

ATL new bridge

After considerable of driving (including dodging “dark-red-road-sections), yippee! we passed under ATL’s New Bridge. These are the NEW cement joists and NEW new road-bed, all the expensive re-constructed roadway to replace the sections that…melted…during the homeless guy’s fire…not that long ago.

Short version: this is happy-fun version of New Bridge.

And, we are home! (Bowing.) Thank you…thank you.

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