Church fireworks

Fireworks by me

I’ve been hearing about the great color and drawing and photo-editing possible on the new iPad. So, I gave it a try, creating an illustration (of sorts) for a sign we saw yesterday.

The sign read “Church Fireworks” in big letters. And below: “2 for 1 sale!” And if that wasn’t enough to entice you, the final punch line was: “No taxes.”

Lots of food for thought there….


  1. Pooh says:

    Blessed are the peace-breakers, for they shall make a great noise unto the heavens?

  2. Sammy says:

    Rural folk in highland Oaxaca believed that fireworks could make the clouds “come” and rain on their fields—so sometimes we would hear fireworks when there was a rain-cloud near enough to possibly be attracted. I didn’t see this happen enough times to judge the accuracy of the fireworks/raincloud-attraction hypothesis.