UP saga

Drone dock

The sun finally (finally!!) came out about noon, and things began to dry out and seem normal. So normal that The Guru sent the drone up. Look at the Beaut/Beast, the new dock!

CG gang

Later, I was walking toward the beach, and had this great view of the lake…and denizens! Whatta crop of Canadas this year! Reproductive success! Not that the populations are endangered or anything, but call it like it is…. And a few steps later, I thought, uh oh.

Gang tagged dock

Sure enough, the Canada-gang had tagged the New Dock big time. Yipes. Not holding anything back, “one” might say.

If I had more time, I’d work on a monofilament “fence” to protect the dock….

Be happy, I thought about calling this “Fouled by fowl.”

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