Silver lining

Panera cookie

Rough on The Guru having to do EVERYTHING for both of us, including all the driving.* I’m so appreciative that he managed to find us an accessible room in rural Ohio, where people have taken refuge in motels because of flooding (same to the west through Indiana and Illinois). At our lunch stop, we got a frequent shopper points reward of a free giant cookie. Mmmmmm sugar, fat, chocolate, and crunch…mmmmmm.

Mini rainbow

We watched this small section of a rainbow—a rainbowette?—soon after we entered home territory. I’m taking it as a good omen.

Whew. Home safely before 10pm, even with quick stop at TJ’s to get necessary items. It was a quick stop because I stayed in the car and The Guru did the shopping. I must say that late evening TJs is a different place than in the daytime when I almost always visit.

* My enduring thanks for cheerful helpfulness…and over the weeks to come. I am not an adept crutches person, it turns out.

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