Eclipse iPhone

Of course the headline of the day is the solar eclipse! We drove about 75mi NE into the total eclipse zone, and got a good glimpse (yes, through eclipse glasses) from our outpost in a Walmart parking lot, along with many others. [No, we did not shop.]

Big sock lens eclipse

The first photo is from an iPhone. There’s a wee inverted eclipse visual echo below the actual eclipse. Even with only a halo of light, the iPhone sensor was blown out (non-technical phrasing) and couldn’t capture it.

The second photo is from a long lens on our digital SLR—thanks, Guru.

What I didn’t expect is the temps in the high 90s were temporarily diminished…should have, but didn’t occur to me.

Many of the outbound “light” signs we saw leaving ATL reminded people that there was no eclipse-view parking on the interstate. I am outta practice and didn’t capture any of them, even though I tried three times!


  1. kayak woman says:

    Love when those signs actually post helpful information. Great pics too!

  2. Maureen says:

    Great pics by Guru! Very cloudy here. Billy saw more through his pinhole box at home than me at the university, but I had special glasses and still saw some nice glimpses between the clouds.