Oooot and a-booooot

Zebulon DK photos

Unlike most recent days, we ventured OUT, heading south to Zebulon to see the fantastic Diane’s fantastic photography…and that of a few other folks, too. The show was called SlowExposures, subtitle: A Juried Exhibition Celebrating Photography of the Rural South. In part, the show is an effort by residents of a rural county to generate business and art—inspiration. Diane got a primo location, in the lobby of the courthouse…it’s not often you get to be in a courthouse on a weekend…no?

Diane named her collection of large, square-format images “Concrete Convictions,” funny and thoughtful juxtapositions of cement sculptures she discovered in unintentionally unexpected contexts…. 💙

Daddy Ds

We came back into town hoooongry, but didn’t stop at Daddy D’z even though it was highly enticing….

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