Princess Bride couple

Astounding?! Thirty years ago, “The Princess Bride” was released. My favorite movie…clever entertainment with lots of laughs. And some of it was shot in Ireland.

Patient parking

I’m trying not to be anxious or impatient about my foot recovery. So, are they trying to tell me something in the Doc’s parking lot?

Live turtle selection

We watch the turtles in the orthopedic waiting room. But not for long. A benefit of a 7:15am appointment is that they have not begun to run late.

This morning the Doc was quite happy with my progress. I am released to begin weight-bearing and PT. Earliest appointment for PT is next Wednesday, so I get to try out my front-of-foot a teeny bit by myself. So far, I’m not even hardly standing on it. And so far, the foot/arch feels okay. I still keep it up a lot, but increased use/exercise will help it be less swollen, the professionals reiterate. Go, grrrrrll!

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