New soles

Sole photos

I had another medical adventure today. I saw a podiatrist to get personalized arch supports/shoe inserts made. The surgeon wants my arch properly supported so his fine work inside my foot is never compromised.

The step today was a special scan of my sole. The scanner produced a photo, and a graduated-color map like some topographic maps, with the “elevation” displayed in colors ranging from deep blue (low) to rusty red (high). We weren’t fast enough to get a shot of the latter.

This latter 3D data will be used by what was described as a 3D printer to make the arch support. The arch part will be incorporated into an heel-to-toe innersole that I will use instead of the one that comes in the shoe. I’m told closed shoes only, not dress shoes, so just athletic shoes. Stylish!

They are giving me a pair, so I stay balanced. Well, actually, we bought them (mediocre insurance is better than none). And I’ll begin using them in the boot…lovely. Be a couple of weeks before I have them underfoot. haha

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  1. Pooh says:

    Damn, Sam, you’ll have to give up all your 5-inch heels! What will you wear to visit hurricane-ravaged Texas? 😉