Oh, yay!

Pumpkin stem CU

No connection between a pumpkin stem and my news-of-the-day…except perhaps if you consider that pumpkins keep pretty well, and this one probably was picked weeks ago…

My news is that I had my first (official) PT #physicaltherapy appointment. Mike said my foot looked pretty good for the surgery I had, and that this Lisfranc injury is a tough one to come back from—possible, but slow. Which I knew.

The exercises he gave me for “homework” focus on flexibility in the forefoot (stretching arch) and toes, plus a bit more rotation in the ankle…. Can do! I do at least three sets per day, as what works is slow and steady. Avoid pain. Gentle pressure is the best, then rest, then repeat.

Mike also told me to use the crutches for support while I kinda-walk wearing The Boot. This works pretty darned well, which tickles me. It is much easier than using the crutches and keeping the damaged foot held high.

The possible connection is that my foot has staying power, too! I know: lame! hahahahaha Okay, skip the pumpkin and know that the PT situation is a…step forward.

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