Colorful and confusing

Autumn weeds

We went out for a wander around in-town neighborhoods…despite the drippy drizzle we’re still experiencing from the TS Nate system. Down a dead-end road we found a wee park with autumn color…goldenrod, red berries of some kind (not the noshing kind), and purple flowers (asters?).

Dragon pirate ship

I spotted this dragon from afar…let’s go over there, I said to the Guru-driver. And next to the dragon, blue shapes…which I studied until they became shark-parts. And off to the left, um?, a stylized pirate ship, sinking to join the partial sharks?

I’m a-learning the current creature-associations with the October-end holiday…used to be ghostly and potentially dangerous human-spirits somehow linked to the harvest-time, now it’s pirate ships and colorful sea-dragons? And huge black spiders…not pictured. AKA cultural evolution….

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