We have been detouring around the Cut River bridge off and on for years. This is a US highway, and the bridge was fine for decades. I don’t know why it has become an expensive problem necessitating a repeated detour—whatever fixing the hwy dept has had done, they haven’t rebuilt it (or it still looks like it did when I was ten, I swear).

Bridge above

After the Big Bridge (it wasn’t as ominous-dark as it looks), we had enough spitty rain that the windshield crud I shot “through” above finally got cleaned off. Then we were out of the raininess, and back into cloudiness.

Sky pretty

The sky got lighter and kinda pretty. Farther south, we saw the silver-sliver moon over Jackson. By the Ohio line, it was briefly golden, then disappeared, covered by cloud-cover.

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  1. Cousin M says:

    Whoa…that was a quick trip!