Ginger bloom cluster

Yeah, I’ve been choosing a bunch of ginger photos lately, but they smell captivating and look pretty interesting….

PT guy ramped it up today and convinced me to shift from Boot to shoe. Last week, it was shoe inside and Boot outside. Shoe wasn’t terribly comfortable, so I didn’t do it much.

What a difference a week can make! Foot/leg stronger, gait better, and foot slightly more tolerant of being encased in shoe (Boot is looser on toes/foot), so I left PT WEARING TWO SHOES, and walking reasonably steadily.

My new normal?

We stopped for a grocery errand, and I tolerated about 15 minutes in the store, before heading for the car to put my foot up, letting The Guru check out. Then I did some cooking…planning to celebrate tonight with first glass of wine since IT happened in mid-July, and a big pot of ragù bolognese…oh yum!…scenting the house…I am salivating!

More evidence of a quantum…leap?😀…toward normal?

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  1. Dave L says:

    I was hoping the second paragraph would have ended something like; “so I left PT (Peterson’s Tavern) wearing two shoes ( which is amazing because I had taken them off to dance on the bar), and walking reasonably steadily. Good job, sounds like you did everything right for the best possible outcome. You earned that glass of wine!