Run-off day

Blue light trio

The car’s blue-light special trio indicates that it is fully charged! Ready to go vote! I think there were five or possibly six offices on the run-off ballot—not just the mayor and City Council President….

Fire truck rear

As we neared the polling place, hmm, flashing lights, a fire truck, an ambulance, paramedics with a stretcher…. Not for a voter, but a “homeless” person, or at least someone likely hanging here waiting for the soup kitchen down the street to open, as they can’t spend the day on the property….

And now it’s dark and “run-off” now refers to rain, which we haven’t had in a while. Today’s high of 70°F will become a high of 45°F tomorrow. Brrrr. There’s even a hint of S-talk. Ephemeral, as it will barely reach freezing overnight Fri/Sat morning.

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