Hot seat

Wet ginkgo leaves

BTW, the ginkgo leaves are now grounded and the ginkgo trees are bare. Ginkgo Day was yesterday? The day before? I failed to register it….)

This morning when we left for my PT appointment, we deemed it cold enough for…butt warmers! The Prius engineers promote the butt and steering-wheel warmers because they use less energy than warming the cabin air.

PT Mike had me do some new-to-me exercises that emphasized balance (which of course requires strength), rather than simple strengthening. I felt like I made a good showing, with room for improvement. In fact, I felt confident enough to take the wheel when we left! I have no doubt I could have driven sooner, but today, one day before the first anniversary of our Prius Prime purchase, seemed propitious. And we do propitious.

The warmth of recent days is gone, yes, and rain has set in. I still managed a half-hour walk in the early afternoon….

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