Sun’s out!

Bulb flowers

In the waning light of the mid-to-late afternoon, I finally got myself outside. I plotted my route a block at a time, staying in the sun as best I could. Eventually, I found myself with no choice but to continue in shadow if I didn’t want to backtrack, and I struck out through the undiminished cold…buoyed when I found these fleurs.

Garage of abandonment

After almost twenty minutes, the foot (arch) was beginning to twang, and I began my loop back toward the warmth of the house. En route, the light on this ill-maintained garage caught my eye.

I was so lucky the sun was out; otherwise, I suspect I could only have continued purely on adrenaline and cantankerousness.

One comment

  1. Dave L says:

    10 degrees here in Chelsea! And no real relief until weekend. Happy New Year you guys!