Turtle day successes

Turtle parts

We visited the turtles today. That is: we visited the foot surgeon, and the turtles are in the giant tank in the waiting room. I got the usual trio of X-rays, then saw the PA followed by the Doc. I got two excellents for my recovery so far…YAY!! I am at six months from surgery.

I got the “what you can tolerate” advice for level of activity, but I didn’t say that in my (limited) experience, if I do what I can tolerate, it may mean that I have negative repercussions a day or sometime later…and they may be with me for a while. Thus, I will temper the whole tolerance/activity thing…gingerly moving toward new levels of capability.

My next surgeon appointment is at one year from surgery…more YAY.

Droplets playground

I ducked out for my daily walk, and as I headed up the block from the house I saw a bit of pallid sunlight. It lasted maybe three minutes, and then the overcast was back and trees dripped on me with accumulated droplets from the rain that started sometime during the lantern hours.

Decorative cabbage

As I was angling along the last three blocks from the house, the rain began again, fortunately tentatively enough that I didn’t get very wet at all.

A day of victories!


  1. kayak woman says:

    Two steps forward, one step back sounds like pretty good progress!

  2. Dave L says:

    I’m giving you a third EXCELLENT! In the words of my great great grandfather , “It takes two feet to walk a yard”.