Beautiful, then mundane

Peacock garden ball

Today’s beautiful is decorated, glazed, pottery garden ball, decorated with stylized peacock-feather eyes. They mimic leaves and vegetation, no?

Utility pole maintenance

The mundane was walking two streets that workmen had been busy along—digging around every utility pole. Looks like they were digging below the ground surface to reveal and examine and maintain the bases of the poles. They are good-sized (to carry the lines along the street), and brownish, like they’re impregnated with tarry compounds. Yet, below ground, some were fine, others were shaved we assumed because the “wood” surface-layers were no longer undamaged, others had a rotten layer that the workers removed. We could not tell how the poles would be rehabilitated. Depending on the weather, maybe I’ll recheck tomorrow. BTW, I thought the brown paper was to protect the above-ground pole from being…tarred (or swabbed with whatever they’ll apply).

And that is today’s story.

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