Is what it is

Deer horn

Among today’s errands, we went to a mega-store of international grocery products. This is one product I saw in a locked glass case. No price. I decided not to ask. Not sure how much English the vendor had, anyway; in hindsight, probably enough for prices.

Swishswish carwash

Our next stop was to de-grime-ify the Prime coach. Love this place. There are stations where you vacuum and where you swab the exterior with big, wet, soapy long-handled brushes. All provided. Then, you go to the machine that takes your credit card and pay for as many chemical additives you want to add to the basic 4-dollar wash and dry. And fold in the side mirrors and put the tranny in neutral before entering.

Neutral is tricky to hit in this vehicle, not sure why. And the in-folded mirrors were extended by the whirling swabbing, cleaning, rubbery fingers and brushes by half-way through the Tunnel of Clean-a-tion.

Learning a bit about superionic water, so unintuitive to me when I read that it conducts electricity like a metal. Apparently, the asymmetrical magnetic fields of Neptune and Uranus may well be explained by superionic water. I live a sheltered life to just be learning about this NOW?

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