So French, my Valentine commented

Trumpet king mushrooms

My valentine and I are both mushroom fans. So I created this menu: big mushroom sauté, marinated baked chicken, pot of rice vaguely pilafed, radish side.


Here’s the marinade for the chicken: chopped garlic and mint, lemon zest, fresh-ground black pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt. Also spooned it over the chicken while it was baking (twice). Put the marinated chicken on halved green onions (more fussy than my usual cooking style), with a few mint leaves—both to flavor the meat from below. Added the lemon slices a third of the way through the baking.

Lemon chick rice mushies

The mushrooms…sliced, sautéed in butter with a bit of salt—oh so simple. Added some chopped garlic and a few of the cooked mushies (and salt, duh) to the rice as it cooked. Added sliced green onion tops to the rice a minute before it was ready—and let it steam for a few minutes after the fire was off. Just put the salted, halved radishes in the microwave for a bit, presto!

Happy Val-Day!

Yes, it was yummy. Yes, there are leftovers for tomorrow. Chef is smiling for two lovely reasons!

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